The Workshop: Live the experience

Do you sing with a gospel choir and/or have always felt interested in Flamenco music? Are you a proactive person who feels that fusion is a source of artistic creativity? Are you eager to learn new rhythms and the similarities between these two musical genres? Flamenco & Gospel is the workshop you’re looking for. We will immerse ourselves in the rhythmic richness of three “palos” (types) of Flamenco: Tangos, Bulerías and Alegrías. We will study their rhythmic structure and we will apply it making “compás” (Flamenco groove) clapping our hands (Palmas). Once we’ve achieved this, we will introduce gospel harmonies.

Through “Heaven & Earth” album songs composed by Nacho melús, we will live the Flamenco & Gospel experience and we will observe what happens when the two musical genres unite.

You can enjoy the Flamenco & Gospel Workshop in two ways: Open Workshops, where you can sign up individually selecting future dates, and Workshops for choirs, adressed to existing gospel choirs that want to live a new experience.


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Flamenco & Gospel workshop with Nacho Melús.

Flamenco & Gospel                            Solidarity Workshop Barcelona

10:30 am to 1:30 pm



Are you a gospel choir eager to live the Flamenco & Gospel experience?
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