The Concert: Heaven & Earth

Soul, passion, spirituality and roots 

Gospel harmonies bring the air (Heaven) and flamenco rhythms bring the roots (Earth), which creates an ideal combination to discover what happens when we approach two extremes and the vulnerable balance that follows. From Bulerías to Rumba, walking on Tangos and Alegrías, Heaven & Earth invites us to explore what it means to walk along the margins, discovering new paths where tradition and avant-garde go hand in hand.

Heaven & Earth is the title of Nacho Melús new musical project, 11 original songs that derive from gospel and flamenco, inspired by his late travels in the United States, and his family’s southern Spanish flamenco roots.

Based on the research with a mixed choir of nine voices, different percussion instruments, an electric bass and a Spanish guitar, he now presents us the results of the common ground that both genres share: rhythm, passion, spirituality, gut… to take us on a trip with a renewed sound fruit of the shared essence.

After a small preview at Festival Nunoff de Barcelona 2018, warmly received by the audience, he finished the album’s recording at Medusa Estudio at the beginning of 2019, produced by Pau Figueres and Roger Rodés. Now he is preparing its official presentation and the launching on digital platforms planned for November 2020.

Press Kit:
Photos, Press kit & Ryder (.zip 59 Mb)